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WSKK Martial Arts Timetable of Classes for 2024

Membership to WSKK Martial Arts

MKA Membership

When you join WSKK Martial Arts you pay a once off joining fee of $100, which includes Lifetime membership to the Matsushima Kyokushin Association (MKA). 

Private Facebook Group

Students and parents can become a part of our online community by joining our exclusive Facebook group. Students gain access to training videos, special events and more!

Family Discounts

We offer flexible and affordable membership options and package deals, including generous  discounts for families.


2nd immediate family member receives 25% discount, 3rd family member receives 50% discount and 4th family member trains free*.

Family Focussed

At WSKK Martial Arts when you join, you become a part of our family. We are a family owned and operated martial arts dojo. 


We believe that Martial Arts is a wonderful sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family and encourage parents to train alongside their child/ren.

Flexible Classes

We know that life can be busy, especially when you have commitments like work, school and family, which is why we don't lock you into specific class times and days. Attend any class/es that suit your needs.

Active Kids Provider

WSKK Martial Arts is an approved Active Kids provider. Did you know that the NSW Government provides all school aged children from the age of 4.5, with 2 x $100 vouchers to put towards membership fees for an approved sporting program? That’s $200 you can save every year! 

Contact us to start your karate journey today! 

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